Academic Departments and Programs

Department Degree Major Fields of Study Semesters
Theology Master of Theology Theology 2years
Master of Divinity Divinity 3years
Counseling & Psychology Doctor of Philosophy Counseling & Psychology 3years
Master of Arts 2years

Doctor of Philosophy In Counseling and Psychology

We nurture innovative, future-oriented people of talent. As we step into the globalized, information technology era of the 21st Century, we provide education for small number of selected students based on righteous Christian values to train innovative, future-oriented people of talent.
The curriculum is to train human resources with fundamental theories of studies and highly advanced academic research. We teach and research new theories and application according to our education philosophy at the Seoul Hanyoung University to practice the love of Christ and train leaders who will dedicate their lives to local communities, the nation, human society and the church, and also train creative and competent scholars.

Master of Divinity

We equip competence as high-quality leaders. We train Christian leaders who spread the gospel of Christ and practice God's love. The Graduate School of Theology, established to nurture excellent pastors and Christian leaders who will lead the Korean church based on Calvinist Reformed theology, consists of a Master of Theology (M.Div.) training pastors through a 3-year systematic theological education.

Master of Arts In Counseling and Psychology

We train leaders who heal wounded and sick souls based on God's love and understanding of humanity. The Graduate School of Counseling and Welfare aims to foster professional and competent talents in the field of counseling psychology based on the Christian spirit. We train dedicated professional leaders in each field as counseling experts who have a balance between theory and practice.