인용부호, 쉼표이미지 It is a joy and a blessing to
welcome you to HIGS!
서울한영대학교 국제대학원 인용부호, 쉼표이미지
Rev.Dr.Reuben D.K.Kim

HIGS is committed to training and mentoring Christian leaders. So far, we have produced many prominent pastors, missionaries, and counselors. And they are having great influences in many countries.

The goal is to be a globalization school. And then going to the world with our graduates. And we hope that HIGS will be a Special Athenaeum in Republic of Korea with many students from various countries.

The education is grounded in the Truth as the words of God. And It is oriented to create a personality that resembles Jesus Christ. We desire our students to develop a global biblical worldview and do serve the world like Jesus Christ.

Dear beloved brothers and sisters!

We challenge you to our program. You will be a Christian leader with intelligence and toughness in HIGS. We will serve not only you but your dreams and visions.